Directed by: C. Chaplin
Writing credits: C.Chaplin
Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Jackie Coogan, Carl Miller, Henry Bergman
Genre: comedy
Country: U.S.
Running time: 60 mins. 

Instrumentation List

Music composed by Charles Chaplin (1971)
Musical associate: Eric James
Restored and adapted for live performance by Timothy Brock (2016)
60 minutes

Flute I, II (II dbl. picc.)
Oboe (dbl. ca)
Clarinet I, II (II dbl. bass-clarinet, contrabass-clarinet)
Horns I, II
Trumpet I, II
Trombone I, II
Percussion (2/3)
Piano (dbl. celesta)


The Kid

In the score to The Kid (1971), Chaplin takes us back, musically speaking, to his own youth in the English Music Hall. Broad strokes of light pantomimic music, laced with the indelible Chaplin melodic trademark. The strings are lush, the winds are light and the power of over-sentimentality is kept at bay by a composer who knows his subjects. There is an over all feeling of foggy charm in these late scores that is difficult to pinpoint, but these films are forever poeticized by them...

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