Directed by: Augusto Genina
Starring: Louise Brooks, Georges Charlia, Augusto Bandini, Jean Bradin
Genre: Drama
Country: France
Running time: 113 minutes

Instrumentation List

Prix de beauté (2011):

Flute (dbl. picc.)
Clarinet (dbl. b-clt, cb-clt)
Alto Saxophone
2 Horns
2 Percussionists (including timpani)
Strings: 12,10,8,6,4


Prix de beauté

What if the composers Hanns Eisler and Jaques Ibert got into a nice little fistfight? This was my first thought before starting the score to Prix de beauté. Two seemingly opposite directions were before me, and instead of settling on one and I decided to simply let these two thoughts slug it out. On the surface, the coloring and ornamentation are strictly a Franco-file display, but the meat of the structure itself has a pure Teutonic-robustness, and with no unnecessary frivolity. I simply imagined the screenwriters Pabst and Claire in the same room, and took it from there...

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