Directed by: Marcel L’Herbier; based on the novel by Luigi Pirandello,Written by: Marcel L’Herbier
Starring: Ivan Mosjoukine, Marcelle Pradot, Michel Simone, Lois Moran, Marthe Mellot, Jean Herve
Genre: Drama-comedy
Country: France
Running time: 170 minutes

Instrumentation List

Feu Mathias Pascal (2009):

2 Flutes (2nd dbl. picc.)
2 Oboes
2 Clarinets
2 Bassoons

4 Horns

Percussion (1 player)


Strings (10,8,6,6,4)


A new score for Marcel L'Herbier's Feu Mathias Pascal

In most silent film scores, there are a number of musical thematic materials that, through the process of character development, blossom (or decay) in the course of the film. Composers tend to develop those passages in the traditional manner, through melodic and rhythmic exploration. Nevertheless, with Feu Mathias Pascal a much deeper treatment was required, as the score, over a span of nearly three hours, sees two lifetimes come and go, is constantly walking the thin line between the various forms of hysterics (and genres) and heavily relies on narrative, visual and expressive nuances.

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