Original Title: Potomok Chingis-Khana
Directed by: Vsevolod Pudovkin
Writing credits: Osip Brik, I.Novokshenov (story)
Starring: Valéry Inkijinoff, I. Dedintsev, Aleksandr Chistyakov, Viktor Tsoppi.
Genre: drama
Country: Soviet Union
Running Time: 125 mins

Instrumentation List

Storm Over Asia (1996):

2 flutes (II dbl. picc.)
2 oboes (II dbl. E. horn)
4 Chinese shawms
2 clarinets
2 Bassoons (II dbl. C-bsn.)
2 horns
2 trumpets
1 trombone
1 tuba
percussion (4)
Chinese Zither (cimbalom ad libitum)
Morin Huur (solo viola, ad libitum)
8-10 violoncellos
6-8 contrabasses


Storm Over Asia - Original Score for Kino Video

The score by Timothy Brock is one of his best. Composed in an Oriental style, it keeps the film going, while adding greatly to its enjoyment. Despite the 128 minute running time, the score is never repetitious or boring.

©1998 David Pierce

The audio is presented in Dolby digital stereo 2.0. While not particularly forceful or dynamic, it still serves the film well. Storm over Asia is, of course, a silent film, so the audio is made up entirely of Timothy Brock's score, performed by the Olympia Chamber Orchestra.

Ed Nguyen


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