Directed by: C. Chaplin
Writing credits: C.Chaplin
Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Merna Kennedy, Allan Garcia, Harry Crocker, Henry Bergman
Genre: comedy
Country: U.S.
Running time: 71 mins.

Instrumentation List

The Circus:

Music composed by Charles Chaplin (1968).
Musical associate: Eric James.
Restored for live performance by Timothy Brock (2003).
71 minutes.

Alto sax I (dbl. clarinet I)
Alto sax II (dbl. clarinet II)
Tenor sax (dbl. clarinet III)
2 Trumpets
2 Trombones
Percussion (2 players)
Guitar (dbl Mandolin)
Strings: (min:

List of Percussion:
Snare drum
Bass drum
Large cymbals
Suspended cymbal
Choke cymbal
Wood Blocks


The Circus

Written during Chaplin’s late musical period in 1968, Chaplin shows us his unique gift for capturing a particular elemental sound. In these pages one can almost smell the sawdust and grease-paint. The rousing set of circus-band numbers, intertwined with poignant reflections of the hardships that circus life bears, is commandeered in unabashed and fun way...

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Chaplin live - nothing less than sensational

This performance in the Zurich Tonhalle was nothing less than sensational. All the sentimental, ominous and dance-like melodies were full of freshness and brilliant colouring, giving this 64-year-old silent movie a fascinating vitality. Conductor Timothy Brock danced around on the stage as if he were part of the film itself, conjuring out of the reinforced ZCO a totally unexpected sound.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung


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