Directed by: C. Chaplin
Writing credits: C.Chaplin
Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Sydney Chaplin, Henry Bergman, Charles Riesner
Genre: comedy
Country: U.S.
Running time: 36 mins.

Instrumentation List

A Dog's Life (1918):

Music composed by Charles Chaplin (1959)
Musical associate: Eric James
Restored for live performance by Timothy Brock (2003)
36 minutes

2 Flutes (II dbl. picc.)
Oboe (dbl. e. horn)
2 Clarinets
2 Horns
3 Trumpets
2 Trombones
Percussion (2 players)
Guitar (dbl. Banjo)
Musical Saw (ad lib.)
Piano (dbl. Celesta)
Strings: (min:

List of Percussion:
Snare drum
Bass drum
Wood Block
Temple Blocks
Large cymbals
Suspended cymbals
Choke cymbal

Instrumentation List

A Dog's Life (1918) for small orchestra (13 players):

Music composed by Charles Chaplin (1959)
Reduced orchestra version by Timothy Brock (2004)
36 minutes

Flute (dbl. picc.)
Clarinet in B-flat
Trumpet in B-flat
Percussion (one player):
snare drum, bass drum, low tom-tom,
choke cymb, sus. cymb, temple blks, wood blk)
Musical Saw (ad lib.)
Violin I
Violin II


The Chaplin Revue

Written during the composer’s middle period, it stands as a unique work. The Chaplin Revue is his first silent-film score written after his exile from the United States, and Chaplin now had the opportunity to spend more time composing after completing A King In New York in 1957. This was also the first score he wrote with his new musical associate, Eric James, with whom he ultimately had an 18-year collaboration. At age 70, it is from this point onward that Chaplin devoted much of his time to being a composer until his death in 1977...

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