Vienna Konzerthaus commissions new score for Science-fiction epic, FRAU IM MOND

The Wien Konzerthaus commissions it's second score in as many years from composer Timothy Brock, the Fritz Lang three-hour Science-fiction epic, FRAU IM MOND (1929). The planned premiere is scheduled for two live performances in June 2017, with the Tonkünstler Orchester and Brock at the helm.


Legendary film director Fritz Lang's last silent film, FRAU IM MOND (1929) was made two years after debuting his ground-breaking film, METROPOLIS (1927), and is widely considered one of the first “serious” science-fiction films in history. A visually gripping spectacle that dramatizes the first lunar expedition in great visual detail. Lang had worked closely with a team of technical consultants, who, along with screenwriter Thea von Harbou, strives for scientific realism based on true astrophysics. The film is even cited as the first occurrence of the “countdown to zero”, to which now all real-life rockets launch.


The score, currently being written, is for large orchestra and should serve well the large scope of the 1929 production. In conversation with the composer, Brock says he is finding the project a new kind of challenge.


“This is my first score for a science-fiction film, and my first Lang film. Two rather new endeavors for me. Also the storyline is not so easy. There's a careful mix of romanticism, espionage and rocketry, and even individually they're not dramatically straightforward. I'm having a great time getting to know this film.”


The Tonkünstler Orchester makes it's home in Vienna, and are regular visitors to the Konzerthaus. Although Brock, too, is a frequent guest conductor at the Konzerthaus, FRAU IM MOND marks the first time they'll perform together in concert.


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